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12 February 2015 @ 10:56 pm
are any of you guys a persona fan?  
Hey guys, I need some video game advice on the Persona series. Since P5 will be coming out sometime in 2015, I would like to play catchup if I can on the series. So if any of you have played the previous games, where should I start? Which one is your favorite(s) and think is the best out of the series on PlayStation.
icecoldrain: Doctor Who - Amelia Pondicecoldrain on February 13th, 2015 06:34 am (UTC)
I really wish I could help, but I only have Persona Q and I have yet to play it XD
「 アリソン  」hellonelo on February 16th, 2015 02:51 am (UTC)
Well when you get around to Persona Q, let me know what ya think of it. :)
icecoldrain: Stock - Yarnicecoldrain on February 16th, 2015 05:02 am (UTC)
Will do! I wish that I could've provided you with some help lol. I've heard a lot of good things about this series, but that's about the limit of my knowledge lol. Did you see the limited edition Persona Q 3DS? It kind of made me wish that was out when I got my 3DS because it was pretty neat looking!
「 アリソン  」hellonelo on February 18th, 2015 02:10 am (UTC)
Eh it's all right. :) Same here, which is why I'm so excited for Persona 5 since I can actually pay a somewhat reasonable prince because all the older games are now expensive. Oh god yes! I wanted it so bad, it was one of the most beautiful exclusives I have seen. and I was in the same boat. Instead I'm stuck with animal crossing special edition....blah!
icecoldrain: Stock - Yarnicecoldrain on February 28th, 2015 10:36 pm (UTC)
Right?! It was so nice! I have the pink one, which was apparently limited? I had no idea lol. At least the animal crossing one is cute. I thought about putting little AC stickers on mine and then was like, nah.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧: Rise and her Glassesbluecherrybomb on February 14th, 2015 12:08 am (UTC)
I played Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden. I suggest playing the 3rd Persona first as the 4th, though a lot easier to understand I think, has a lot more callbacks and it's easier to get some subtle references in the 4th once you play the third.

That being said, I personally think the 4th is the pinnacle of the series. You basically play a scooby doo gang mystery except you live with a drunk detective and a neglected cousin. Like how do you get better than that.
「 アリソン  」hellonelo on February 15th, 2015 12:03 am (UTC)
Isn't Persona 4 one of the most popular games out of the series? That one seemed to pop up the most when I would hear fans talk about it a few years ago. but I'll definitely try 4 and 3 out.

Oh really? I like the sound of that. I love detective themes in games. lol
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧: Rise and her Glassesbluecherrybomb on February 15th, 2015 12:32 am (UTC)
Yeah, I would say so based on how much merchandise came out for it. I mean, the fourth was really great in terms of building a mystery and also letting you live out your dream as a Japanese high school boy. But I also am hesitant about recommending it so flippantly because I got SUPER into that game so I may have rose-colored glasses on when I think about it and I don't want to play it off as "You HAVE to play it ok like not a gamer if u don't" because it is a required taste. I have a hard time playing some classic JRPGs while this one I trophy hunted for because I enjoyed it so much.

And personally I usually hear more love for the third nowdays but I assume that's because Arena came out (both of them) and also the nostalgia factor. You hear more "No one talks about P3, the BETTER one!" on tumblr and I did get it for the PSP because it came with the option to play as a girl (romancing all the men) but I generally recommend playing it before anyways because there's some injokes in P4 that are pretty entertaining when you get them.

It's not required if you're crunched on time (I mean, I played through the 4th in... maybe 15 hours on story mode and I got lost quite the bit?) but if you do, might as well hit them both right?
「 アリソン  」hellonelo on February 16th, 2015 02:50 am (UTC)
The high school boy scenario was one of the features I remember my friend telling me about (which I thought sounded like a lot of fun) but I never knew if it was P4 or 3 he was talking about. Oh yeah? My interest has fallen when it comes to classic JRPGs so I'm glad to hear that.

lol, that sounds a lot like the Silent Hill fandom. "2 is the ultimate game!" which is what I always have to hear lol. Okay, awesome. So being able to play as a girl is just a PSP feature? (not that it matters to me). Ah okay, that's good. Sometimes JRPGs run way to long sometimes.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧: Rise and her Glassesbluecherrybomb on February 16th, 2015 03:29 am (UTC)
Ahahaha that's the problem. Both have high schools. Only the 4th sort of really feels like you're in high school. Because the test questions are sometimes stress worthy. And oh good, another person who agrees :D I don't have anything against them but sometimes I play games for mindless fun, not endless grinding.

And yeah, PSP exclusive. Doesn't change the story it seems. And I agree. I know most gamers pick the harder options but if you want to blast through it with little grinding and get the story, there is a Mass Effect like mode where you can do more story than action.
「 アリソン  」hellonelo on February 16th, 2015 03:38 am (UTC)
Oh really? lol! That kind of reminds me of Bully or something, except all of those were usually quick time events etc. Yeah, and with them they almost never change so sometimes It's nice to have something that feels a bit different.

I never tried that option in Mass Effect 3 just because I was a fan of the series so I wanted to play it in it's entirety, but with a JRPG I would use an option like that because lets face it, sometimes they're almost to long or have mindless missions and dang it, I want to get to the point sometimes!
Rafirarafira on February 26th, 2015 05:13 am (UTC)
they are all stand alone like final fantasy or pokemon! so you dont have to play them to understand p5.

however, if you do want to play the games, play either p3 or p4. in p3 the story is better but the game is harder and longer. in p4 the story is a bit more generic but the play style is better.
「 アリソン  」hellonelo on February 27th, 2015 06:07 pm (UTC)
Oooh, okay. I'm planning on playing P3 and P4 most definitely since I want a good feel for the game since I want to review P5 when it comes out, so I want to have that knowledge of the previous games instead of jumping in without knowing anything.